Jian Ye Technology Industry Co., Ltd. is a member of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Apparel Machinery Association. In early 2020, due to the severe epidemic of new coronary pneumonia, there was a shortage of basic epidemic prevention supplies. Domestic factories must provide masks and anti-epidemic supplies to employees when they resume work. The board of directors, as a senior sewing equipment manufacturer, is familiar with the manufacture and production of anti-epidemic clothing and masks, so they want to produce masks to assist members.

The company has its own factory to produce masks, and has obtained the ASTM F2299-2017 standard test report certification. In addition to the production of masks to members, masks are donated free of charge to social welfare organizations and grassroots people from time to time to help the community.
The future development is the production and retail of clothing, apparel, and footwear for disabled people to purchase online and mobile systems.


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